Opening Times:  7.30am to 6.00pm

Weekdays Only


We accept 2 & 3 years old funding, ask the management team about the 15 hours 'free' child care for all 3 year old and the 30 hours extended childcare for Qualifying children.


Session prices   


                                                0-3's                       3-5's       

 Full Standard Day (08.00-17.00)          £56.00                    £54.00


Full Extended Day (07.30-18.00)           £61.00                    £59.00

Morning Session (08.00-13.00)              £33.50                   £32.50

Afternoon Session (13.00-18.00)            £33.50                   £32.50

Full Time Standard Week (08.00-17.00)    £270.00                 £260.00

Full Time Extended Week (07.30-18.00)    £290.00                  £280.00


Hourly Rate                                      £7                        £7 

07.30-08.00 or 17.00-17.30 (pre-approved)  £3                        £3

Late Fee (outside of approved hours)      £5 Every 15 Minutes


Why not recommend us to a friend and receive a bonus of £50               

all they have to do is stay with us a minimum of 6 months and you will receive £50 off your nursery fees :) (This is subject to the relevant forms being filled out and returned when your child first starts.)

Daily and weekly rates are fully inclusive of breakfast, lunch, snack tea.

Baby wipes and nappies are also provided for younger children under 3 years.


Fees are payable in advance by cash, cheque, childcare vouchers or standing order. You will be invoiced in advance for your childcare and prompt settlement would be appreciated.


Fees will be revised on a yearly basis.

Help with Childcare Costs

There are numerous ways for parents to save money on their childcare costs, these are accessed via the childcare choices’ government website, including tax free childcare which can save 20 percent up to £2000, we will of course help and advise the best we can. Please be aware that some of these benefits may affect benefits you already receive so please check it is financially beneficial. This is also the website to apply for funding. Please get in touch if you are unsure.


Hours & Fees