0-18/24 Months Caterpillars
Staff ratio 1: 3

Our room is specifically designed for this young age, with bright coloured walls as babies and young children enjoy and gain stimulation from this.

The room however is not a set age range dependent on the child's development progress, from 18 months they have the opportunity to move through into the ladybird room.

In this room children can make choices from a young age, children have access to resources that are on their level. The baby room is split into areas, we have a mathematics or construction area which has shape sorters, jigsaws, stacking cups, mega blocks stickle bricks etc.

We then have an area for younger babies which has a bouncer, play Gym Bumbo and toys for younger children so they can have lots of fun. We have a small world area and home corner, so the older children can learn through play and to develop pretend play, for example playing with the babies giving them a bottle or pouring a cup of tea etc.