18/24 Month to 3 years-Ladybird Room   
 Staff Ratio 1:4
Our new ladybird room opened on the 9th August 2017 with a whole new layout for the children to explore. In this room, we promote self-independence and build up confidence with lots of encouragement and help where needed by staff within the room. The children are stimulated in many ways through work, individual time with key worker and free play both inside and outside. The staff in the room are jolly and happy which reflects on the children and how happy they are within the room. Children find their names at snack time and mealtimes to encourage name recognition. We also encourage self-serve at mealtimes. When children are ready we help promote potty training. The children get lots of praise and encouragement with charts they take home each time they have been to the toilet or potty. We have lots of fun within this room children need plenty of spare clothes as we do like messy play.